Our Story

TruSol was formed from the passion of two sisters who wanted to change the world. They had a vision to create better for you beverages and snacks. Even with all the different types of energy drinks in the market, there is a need for functional, organic drinks. They craved a beverage that would continue to provide benefits to consumers long after they drank it.

Sunny and Trusha Shah were born in Manhattan, NY. They are children of immigrant parents who instilled the values of hard work and the importance of education in them from an early age. Their ambition, drive, goal orientated planning and family values are all direct results of their parents’ influence. Sunny and Trusha became prominent physicians in their respective specialties of Bariatrics and Pain Medicine.

After practicing for 10 years they have now decided to shift their focus to preventative medicine and health and wellness. Unfortunately treating patients with medication management and surgical techniques doesn’t always lead to long- term sustainable results. We spent 2 years researching peer review articles, journals and clinical trials to find the perfect combination of ingredients for our product. We then worked with a prominent beverage company in California for a year to make the best product for ourselves, our families and our patients.

Our first product, 5:30 was born out of a need for a drink that does more than hydrate. Don’t get us wrong – hydration is good. But some of us need a little more than water and caffeine to keep us going.  5:30 has organic green tea caffeine for natural energy, a garcinia blend to maximize your workout, and 300mg of organic HCA to keep your metabolism working as hard as you do. Whether you need a morning pick-me-up or an afternoon push, keep your body and your metabolism running with 5:30!

We say 5:30 is clean because it provides natural energy.  We combined organic green tea extract and organic garcinia cambogia with a lightly carbonated grapefruit taste.  Most energy drinks are cocktails of hard to pronounce chemicals. We use only basic organic ingredients.  5:30 contains just 5 grams of organic sugar and 30 calories.  Because it’s naturally caffeinated and balanced with adaptogens, you get sustained energy and focus without feeling a crash. It’s organic clean energy from a fruit and tea, not a lab.

Trusol’s products are Organic, non-GMO, Fair Trade, Gluten-free, Paleo, Kosher, and Vegan.  We have a commitment to ethical and environmental standards goes above and beyond our certifications.